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2018-2019 Season has begun! Check out the Calendar for Practices and Games. Come out and Support Eagles Basketball!

We provide quality instruction and skills training for our students to learn and participate in competitive level games. Eagles Sports of Augusta is a non-profit organization providing athletic opportunities for the following students in the CSRA: home educated, online studies, and private or public schools which do not provide a particular sport. Basketball at Eagles Sports is all about practice, team work, excellence; in life, both on and off the court. If you are a parent looking for a team that will build your son or daughter's skills without sacrificing their character this is the place for them to play. All parents are invited to view our vision statement, registration requirements and team calendar. The Eagles Sports is committed to providing Home Educated students in the CSRA with competitive sports that help parents foster the development of life skills that go beyond each individual sport.

2017-2018 Season record

11/14 Ashtree Learning Center  W 34-32
    11/18 Greater Gwinnett Barons L  31-47
    11/28 Alleluia W 60-20
12/5 Grey Collegiate L 21-70
12/16 Easley Guardians L 40-53
1/5 PAC Panthers W 48-47
1/13 Greenville Hurricanes L 22-43
1/23 Alleluia W 49-48
 JV:  2/10 Greenville Hurricanes L 34-62

    11/11 Fundamental Prep  L  49-52
    11/4 Ashtree Learning Center  L  47-79
    11/18 Greater Gwinnett Barons  L 76-35
    11/21 Curtis Baptist W 65-44
    11/28 Alleluia  W 57-55
12/16 Easley Guardians W 74-58
1/5 PAC Panthers W 83-72
1/9 Alleluia W 65-60
1/13 Greenville Hurricanes L 43-54
1/23 Alleluia W 62-48
1/26 Curtis Baptist W 57-23
Varsity: 2/10 Greenville Hurricanes W 59-47

2017-2018 Varsity took 2nd Place in their bracket at the east coast national tournament at LIBERTY university!

Thank you to our 2017-2018 Coaches: Varsity and JV HEAD Coach Tahriq Baker and Varsity and JV Assistant Coaches Brian Slade and Donald Carter

The Eagles Sports Basketball season runs from October to March with possible pre-season and post season tournaments. All scheduled team events are posted on the Home Page calendar and on each team page.